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How does this app work?

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 09:44AM PST
AA Big Book is the most comprehensive recovery app available with the complete AA Big Book text and audio as well as hundreds of speaker tapes from AA, NA, AL-Anon and more 12 step programs. Plus get a ton of recovery literature, prayers and meditations.

Navigating the Big Book
This app contains the full text as well as a completely new original audio recording from professional voice talent. You can read and search the Big Book text independent of listening to the audio -- so it's the best of both worlds.
  1. Go to Big Book from the main navigation
  2. Choose the section and chapter you want
  3. Swipe left and right to move between pages and chapters
  4. Click the title bar mini play button to begin playing that page
  5. Use the audio controls at the bottom to jump fwd/back 20 seconds and playback speed
  6. Click the "current page" button to jump to the page for the currently playing audio

Searching the Big Book
You can either jump to a specific page or search keywords in the Big Book text.
  1. Go to Big Book from the main navigation
  2. Click on the action menu in the top right corner of the app
  3. Choose "Go To Page" or "Search"

Finding and Playing More Content
You can find and play audio for over 1000 additional 12 step tracks by going to the Explore section. From here you will see Speakers, Literature and Meditations.
  1. Go to Explore from the main navigation
  2. Navigate to the content you're looking for
  3. Click the track or content pack to begin playing
  4. Some content also includes the text transcript (more added daily)

Saving Content to My Content
You can save individual speaker and meditation tracks, as well as literature content packs to your My Content section. This will allow you to quickly find your favorite content and it will be saved for offline listening.
  1. Click on the "star" icon from any track or content pack
  2. Go to My Content from the main navigation
  3. Navigate to the content you're looking for
  4. You will see a green arrow indicating the content has been saved locally for offline listening
  5. You can remove tracks from My Content by clicking the action menu in the top right corner and selecting "Remove All". This will remove them from your list as well as remove the local copy on your device -- freeing up storage.

Clearing Your Cache
Daily bread stores saves high quality imagery and audio files to your device for faster access. This can sometimes take up more space than you want. No problem, go to settings and click the "Clear Cache" button. This will remove images and audio files from your device and free up space. Don't worry, you can always reload them by going to a previous day or playing any track.

Restoring a Purchase
If you previously purchased AA Big Book and either got a new device or are reinstalling the app, you don't need to pay twice. Just go to settings and click "Restore Purchase" to unlock the app.

That's about it. Email us with questions and feedback please.

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